Sarawak - Malaysia

My Second Home

What is S-MM2H?

Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) is a visa program for foreigners who want to live in Malaysia. All foreigners from countries that have diplomatic relations with Malaysia – regardless of race, religion, gender or age – can apply, but you must meet certain criteria.

It is a multiple entry Social Visit Pass valid for 10 years, and it can be renewed upon re-application. The Sarawak Government requires that you stay in Sarawak for a total of 30 days annually, so it is possible to reside anywhere in Malaysia with S-MM2H, although Sarawak itself is a very attractive destination to make your home! Let us tell you why. 

Who Can Apply?

Applicant Categories:

50 years old and above

(No age limit for a spouse, if any)

40 – 49 years old

with residential real estate of at least RM600,000 in Sarawak

30-49 years old

undergoing long term medical treatment in Sarawak (verified by a physician registered with Malaysian Medical Council)

30-49 years old

with children studying in Sarawak

Financial Proof


To show latest 6 months bank statement, proof of employment, monthly pay slip

RM 7,000


Pensioner (for 50 years old and above)

To show latest 3 months payment slip for government approved pension funds and 3 months bank statement

RM 7,000



Fixed Deposit

To open a fixed deposit account in Sarawak

Get your S-MM2H visa in 5 simple step

Step 1 : Consultation

Contact our experts for online consultation

Step 2 : Pre-assessment

Provide us documents based on customized checklist for review

Step 3 : Travel

Take a trip to Sarawak for medical check up, opening of fixed deposit account, purchase medical insurance

Step 4 : Submission

Application will be submitted to MOTAC.

Step 5 : Success

Obtain SSM2H social pass from Sarawak immigration office